Urban Health Wheatgrass Powder 30 x 3.5g Sachets

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Weight105 kg

Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic



Wheatgrass can be a bit fickle, which is why Urban Health give theirs extra love. They start with the best wheatgrass and then take great care of it to ensure the chlorophyll and nutrients are alive and well when you come to take it. This means you get the real benefits ofwheatgrass and find out what it’s all about. Urban Health’s wheatgrass is organically grown without herbicides or pesticides in fertile farmland. Au naturel – just how we like it!They harvest the leaf when it is young andshort, which is when it is nutrient and chlorophyll dense. It’s quality overquantity! The clever dehydration machine and grinder work at lowtemperatures, never heating above 24 degrees celsius, which means their wheatgrass is anundamaged raw whole food. Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Every batch is tested in-house AND independently.Finally, the wheatgrass powder is quickly packaged into sachets to limit light and oxidation – keeping it fresh and nutrient rich, right up to the point of drinking.


100% Organic wheatgrass powder.

Per 100g

Energy KJ : 1796

Energy kcal : 429

Fat : 0

Fat which Saturates : 0

Carbohydrates : 57

Carbs which sugars : 0

Protein : 29

Salt : 0



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