The Protein Works Sundried Inca Berries

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What Are Sunried Inca Berries? Sundried Inca Berries from THE PROTEIN WORKS are not your average dried fruit. In fact, the buzz around these little golden beauties is that they are the new exotic snack on the block. Native to the tropics of South America and often described as the “lost fruit of the Inca’s”, Sundried Inca Berries are chock-full with natures finest nutrients. These small, bronze coloured berries come packed with twice as much fibre as many other dried fruits such as prunes and sultanas. So, essentially they’re a super-tasting superfruit! Sundried Inca Berries have a unique taste, which can be described as a burst of sweetness to begin with, followed with an awesome tangy aftertaste. This is why many people choose to use TPW Sundried Inca Berries as a topping for their cereal or porridge in the mornings, giving their breakfast a tropical twist! Plus, you’ll be happy to know that our Sundried Inca Berries are sourced from only the finest fruit and come in a re-sealable tub to ensure their freshness and quality. Where Do Inca Berries Come From? Inca Berries are native to the high altitude, tropical regions of Peru, Colombia and Ecuador in South America, where they’ve been a part of the diet for centuries and a delicacy in the local markets. Eventually word of these bad boys got out, and the Inca berry started gaining a reputation of being a heavyweight contender in the world of healthy snacks. TPW searched worldwide for the finest, nutrient packed foods on the face of the earth to add to our Raw & Pure range, and Sundried Inca Berries fit that category.


Sundried Inca Berries

Per 100g

Energy KJ : 1236

Energy kcal : 294

Fat : 3.4

Fat which Saturates : 0.5

Carbohydrates : 49

Carbs which sugars : 41

Protein : 7.3

Salt : 0.003



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